Osteopathic Treatments


Osteopathy can provide safe and effective treatment for the following conditions:


Lower Back Pain - Is extremely common, about four in five people are effected by lower back pain at some point in their life. The majority of back pain is muscular skeletal in origin, often caused by poor posture twisting awkwardly or incorrect lifting techniques.


Neck Pain - Neck pain can be the result of poor posture or injury to the neck and associated areas such as the shoulder or upper thoracic spine. Anxiety and stress can also cause tension in your neck muscles which will lead to a pin in the neck. Neck pain can often be accompanied with stiffness, neuralgia, jaw symptoms and headaches.


Nerve Problems - Signs of nerve problems are sciatica, numbness, pins and needles and muscular weakness. These symptoms can arise from nerve impingement, where injury to a nerve or group of nerves is due to compression or constriction, from either the intervertebral disc, facet joints or osteo arthritic changes to the vertebrae.


Joint Pains - Shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, hands, ankles and feet can all give rise to pain and symptoms caused by injury or arthritis. Osteopathy can help to relieve the underlying causes of pain rather than the managing the symptoms with pain killers.


Minor Sport Injuries and Rehabilitation - Acute or chronic conditions or injuries can be successfully treated with osteopathy using manual treatment, ultrasound therapy and exercise plans.


Pre and Post Pregnancy Care - Pregnancy, childbirth and early days of motherhood can all put a strain on the whole spine, osteopathy can help with these changes with treatment, advice and exercise.


Postural Problems - Day to day work life involves log hours at a desk sitting infront of a PC, long hours behind the wheel and heavy manual work. All of this can give rise to repetitive strain on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints especially in the back, neck and arms. Osteopathy can offer treatment, remedial advice and practical solutions to help with posture and related problems.

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